What We Do

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire District Foundation is providing support and resources for the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District. We raise money and procure resources to support the fire district with equipment, training, recognition, scholarships and more. We believe that your donations can improve the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District in countless ways. The most direct being the extra level of care, of preparedness, of training that may save someone’s home, or in fact save someone’s life.

Our primary goal is to provide financial resources and support in the following areas of fire service and community building:

  • Equipment and capital improvements for our six stations that cover 44 square miles
  • Training and continuing education for our 80+ firefighters and staff
  • Recognition and ongoing support of our community and extended firefighter family
  • Scholarships for incoming firefighters and those looking to serve their community at the highest levels

Our hope is that whenever our fire district is in need of vital resources and tools necessary to keep our community safe and protected, the RSF Fire Foundation will be the single greatest partner is making sure those needs are met.  Please visit our donation page for more information on how you can generously give to our firefighter community.

Watch the video below to see your dollars in action.  This video equipment can now be used for advanced training, education and additional resources to support the greater community.